My first ever ‘Hello Kitty Cake’

After couple of hours of fun and struggle i finally completed Hello Kitty cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I made chocolate cake from here and frosting recipe from here . I was inspired by a blogger who makes beautiful cakes. I am on the other hand is an amateur. But I am sharing my experience and mistakes here so I can get more tips, suggestions from you wonderful readers.


The end result was great. Though the frosting was not to my expectations, I will try my best to improve next time. My daughter loved the frosting and of course the Hello Kitty !! She loves chocolate, pink color, strawberry and hello kitty. So that’s what she got for her 3rd birthday.

I baked the chocolate cake in two 9″ pans. The mistake that I did was not to scale the cake pans before i put into the oven. Which resulted in un leveled cakes. Since the cake is so moist , the cake started to break when I was trying to level with a knife. So i let it be. It’s very important to have a scale is what I learnt.

**Apologize that my picture resolutions in some are not really good as I took the pictures myself using my iphone.

Dry ingredients mixed together (cocoa , all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt)
To the dry ingredients, added milk, warm water, vegetable oil, eggs, vanilla extract
Cake done , left it on wire rack to cool down

Meanwhile the cake is cooling, I started to whip heavy cream with sugar and vanilla extract. And added a little pink color to it. Then I set it aside in fridge while I work on cheese butter cream frosting. I added pink color as well to the frosting as well.

I piped the border of the cake with cheese frosting and the whipped frosting goes in the center. Added strawberry slices
Covered the strawberry with remaining whipped frosting again
Here is the struggle. The bottom cake is not leveled. So i had to add more frosting and strawberries to fill in the gaps.

I transferred Hello Kitty pattern into the cake with wax paper. I learnt it from Wilton Method Course 1 book that i purchased from Amazon. Such a good book to start with if you are an amateur like me. I piped the border with black frosting.


The next step is to fill the cake with cheese buttercream. Since i used up most of the frosting already trying to fill up the gaps between the cakes, I had to whip the heavy cream again. I mixed the remaining cheese butter cream with the whipping frosting.

It was accidental frosting combination (Yum!!) . I filled kitty’s eyes , her bow, whiskers with black frosting. I spreaded the cheese butter cream on her head since i didn’t have much frosting left on white color. Then with the big star tip, I filled the top part of the cake. The frosting was a little thinner because of the whipping cream and it was really warm on that day (90s degree F).

IMG_3473 Now left to do is add her nose and frost the sides of the cake.


Finally the cake is completed. I added chocolate sprinkles around the sides to hide the imperfections. Cake was delicious and my kid loved the cake that she even licked kitty’s head lol.

Inside view looks great
Nobody wanted to cut kitty. My kid blew out the candles again and again.

I will definitely try different cakes next time with more progress. Hope you all had a good time reading through this. Please let me know if you need more information.

Take care my friends.


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